Boards and Commissions play a vital role in the City of Hilliard's local government by evaluating matters of special interest and, when appropriate, making recommendations to City Council. All Boards and Commissions meetings are open to the public.


Hilliard City Council

Rear (left to right) : Les Carrier, Albert Iosue
and Bill Uttley

Front (left to right) : Tom Baker, President Nathan Painter
Vice President Kelly McGivern and Joseph Erb

The seven members of Hilliard City Council are elected officials who represent the residents of the City. As Hilliard's legislative body, City Council sets policy, establishes goals and approves and oversees the City's annual budget.

Hilliard City Council is currently on summer recess. The next regularly scheduled meeting is Monday, August 24, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. Please check back to view a copy of the agenda.

2015 City Council meeting dates LEARN MORE .

Boards and Commissions

The Council may, by ordinance, establish and define the procedures and duties of City Boards and Commissions and fix the number, qualifications and terms of the members thereof ( Hilliard City Charter, Article IX) .

City of Hilliard Boards and Commissions include:


Hilliard Mayor's Court

Hilliard Mayor's Court is held every Wednesday. The staff is available at 7:30 a.m. for defendants to sign in. The defendants will speak with the city prosecutor before their case is heard in open court.


The Clerk of Court office is located in the Joint Safety Services Building at 5171 Northwest Parkway, Hilliard, Ohio 43026. Mayor's Court is held in the Hearing Room.

Court Access and Online Payments

You can make payments online by clicking here . Enter your name, case number or ticket number and follow the instructions. Please retain the pink copy of your citation for your records.

Online payments must be made 24 hours PRIOR to your original court date located at the bottom of your pink citation. This service is only available to those whom have payable tickets. This service does NOT apply to those owing fines and court costs to the Court.

For all general questions, please contact (614) 334-2361

Jill VanOrder
Clerk of Courts
(614) 334-2348
Fax (614) 529-6036

Afton Ater
Deputy Clerk of Courts
(614) 334-2364
Fax (614) 529-6036

Cheryse Cox
(614) 334-2310

Gregory S. Peterson
Hilliard Mayor's Court Prosecutor
5171 Northwest Parkway
Hilliard, Ohio 43026
(614) 334-2348

Kellee Roth
Prosecutor for the City of Hilliard for cases heard in the Franklin County Municipal Court
(614) 829-7001

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