Destination Hilliard is your one-stop information center for events, attractions and the latest news. From our historic village, to rails to trails to the arts, come discover Hilliard, Ohio. Visitor information is available at City Hall, 3800 Municipal Way, Joint Safety Services Building, 5171 Northwest Parkway, and Destination Hilliard, 5274 Norwich Street.

Our tagline says it all “It's All Here… In Hilliard! We have something for everyone… whether young or simply “young at heart”. Hilliard exemplifies small town charm and hospitality while having activities that appeal to all ages and interests.

The Goat

4265 Brooksland Drive, Hilliard, Ohio 43026

Anthony Thomas Chocolates

1777 Arlingate Lane
Tour the factory where these famous chocolates are made and shop in the large candy store

Aquatic Adventures

3940 Lyman Drive
Full Service Scuba and Swim Center

Dave & Busters

3665 Park Mill Run Drive
Restaurant, Bar, Arcade and Billiards

Early Television Museum

5396 Franklin Street, Hilliard, Ohio
Only one in the United States Explore the invention and technology of the television, old cameras and a mobile production van

The Early Television Foundation was founded by Steve McVoy. As a teenager he worked in a television repair shop after school, and sometimes worked on 1940's sets such as the RCA 630. In 1999 he sold his cable television business, was looking for something to do with his time, and decided to collect early television receivers.

At that time he was unaware that television existed before World War Two. However, shortly after deciding on his new hobby, a RCA TRK-12 appeared on Ebay. He bought it and restored it. Over the next year he met many of the collectors in the United States. Most were very willing to show him their collections, but their sets were in their basements or attics where they were difficult to see.

As his collection grew, he began to run out of space to display it. He then came up with the idea of starting a museum; so that he would have a place to put his growing collection, and so that the public could easily view the collection.

The funding for the Foundation and Museum comes primarily from four sources: donations, proceeds from our annual convention, sale of duplicate items donated to the museum, and contributions from the McVoy family. We are a 501 (c) (3) non profit private foundation, so contributions to the foundation may be tax deductible.

Elements Art Studio

3994 Main Street, Hilliard, Oh
Paint with your friends (girls getaway, birthday party, couples party) while listening to music and enjoying your own food and beverages.

Franklin County Fairgrounds

4100 Columbia Street, Hilliard, Ohio

The fairgrounds hosts numerous events throughout the year that are open to the public including train shows, equestrian events, Craft-A-Fair, flea markets, gun shows, auctions, etc.


Grandstand seating free

($10.00 fee for entry into the PIT Area)



Harness Racing

Central Ohio Truck Pullers

Mixed Martial Arts

Ohio State Antique Tractor Pullers

Draft Horse Pull


Demolition Derby

Entertainment Tent

MINIS $3750.00

TWD TRUCKS $3750.00


FWD TRUCKS $3750.00


Heritage Rail Trail

4675 Cosgray Road
Heritage Rail Trail is a 6.1 mile multipurpose trail which stretches between Hilliard and Plain City, Ohio. The trailhead is located in the “Old Hilliard” historic district on Center Street. Enjoy public art, nice paved…

Historical Village

4100 Columbia Street, hilliard, Oh
Journey back to the mid-1800s exploring the wonderful heritage of our forefathers. Historical Village includes authentic buildings: log cabin, school house, chapel, Hilliard Train Station, caboose, election house, privy, barn, granary, covered bridge and museum.

Homestead Park

4675 Cosgray Road

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